Monday, 9 June 2014

it's simply 'galling'

So a couple years back I suffered from infrequent gallstone attacks.  Those hurt lots. But after starting the GAPS diet, I didn't get another one. In two years I haven't had one.  But then I got preggers and couldn't eat GAPS diet food anymore on pain of barfing.  The introduction of other foods (I think in particular ice cream, which I've been craving more than is decently admitted) caused me to awake at 4 in the morning one day with a familiar, burning pain in my upper tum region.  It's a relentless pain that can't be ignored and I couldn't sleep.  So I shuffled out to the living room where Ben was getting ready for work.

Luckily it wasn't a full blown attack (which would have included hyperventilating, vomiting, crawling around on hands and knees and groaning aloud) but it was enough to put me on my guard.  So for a week I was good. I took fresh pressed grape, cucumber, lettuce and apple juice every morning with a squeeze of lemon.  I cut out all meat but fish, and all sources of fat but omega 3's.  I cut out all processed foods and ate mainly salads and fish and sourdough buckwheat bread. I drank lots of water.

I was really sick the first couple of days, much to Owen and Angus' fascination.  Angus would kindly commentate in his cheerful voice as I hung over the sink in misery.

But then I got better, and my gallbladder stopped aching and I stopped getting sick.  I knew in my heart that I should continue the gallbladder/liver-friendly diet for another couple of weeks at least.  But...I'd already eaten so much fish...what about mercury? And I was tired of salads.  I wanted cheese.  And...*gulp* cream.
So I was bad.  And I ate all those things I wanted.  And at first I was ok.  But now I am not again.  My gallbladder hurts and I am sick again.  My children are once more spectators of the churned up food that flows like a rushing river out of my mouth.

*sigh*  back to the salads.

And I leave you with a naked Owen.  He is 5 but still so innocent that he has no notion of nakedness.  The other day he walked quite casually into the dining room of his grandma's house where we were all eating and playing games, without a stitch of clothing on.

He is such a darling though.  I am going to talk about it at his wedding.


  1. yucky bad gallbladder. i can understand the irresistible pull of the ice cream though. it's...just...too....good!