Saturday, 7 June 2014

Little Boy Blue

This week, preschool was held at Scout Island instead of the CDC.  My kids usually love Scout Island, so I thought it'd be no problem.  But no.  When we got there, it was very stressful. First, both of them were upset at the change in routine.  And then Owen was crying, begging to go, and Angus was crying because he didn't want to go. 

Basically, I ended up leaving Angus there, and strapping Owen into the car. I had been planning on going to the gym while they were at preschool, so I was feeling pretty upset myself at the change in plans. Owen however was quite content to leave and kept insisting he didn't want to stay.  I knew it was because he was planning to watch movies and play on his iPad.  So I told him sternly that if we went home, he wouldn't be doing either.

He cried and cried.  Finally, the thought of going home with a stern and upset mummy, without the balm of iPad and movie, was enough to convince him to stay, and he asked to stay.  So I unstrapped him and raced to catch up to everyone else.

Then I went to the gym, my morning salvaged.  Or so I thought.

But guilt kept sparking in my chest.  I just missed up an opportunity to bond with my son, I realized.  I rarely get one on one time with Owen. Angus is so demanding for my attention, and Owen is not.  And I'd been wanting some bonding time with Owen lately.  But instead, I'd upset him and made him cry was about this time in my thought process that a song began to play.

Not just any song.  The Universe chose that moment to foist Little Boy Blue on me.


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  1. lol. i love it when my self-fueled guilt trips are aided by the happenstance of music that comes at exactly the right time.