Eyebrow Tattoo

"Autumn is AMAZING! She did my permanent makeup, Brows and eyeliner, all I can say is, I get compliments on both all the time"

Painted Lady Studios

What is an Eyebrow Tattoo?

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel your face lacks structure or definition? Or you may get tired of filling in your brows every morning to get them just right.
An eyebrow tattoo is a perfect way to enhance your natural features by creating definition with the highest quality pigment and a digital machine.
Here at our studio, located in the heart of Syracuse, New York, we offer a wide range of eyebrow tattoo services, including microblading (or hair stroke brows), ombre and powder brows and combo brows.
The process involves an in-depth consultation where we can create the perfect color pigment to match your natural skin tone and before we go ahead with the procedure, we will draw out your new brows to ensure you are happy with your new shape.
Your results will look 100% natural while framing your face perfectly. Book your consultation today right here in NY.

A $25 consultation is required for all permanent cosmetic procedures. Price is then deducted from treatment.

What are the styles?

If you would like to see more examples of our work then please head over to our gallery page.

Hair Stroke (or nano) brows


Individual hair strokes create an extremely natural and flawless look, perfect if you’re wanting a subtle brow.

Ombre/Powder Brows


A more classic approach to brow pigmentation, looks like your brows are perfectly filled every day.

Combo Brows


The best of both worlds, a perfect blend of hair strokes and ombre shading for a softer brow.

Colour Boost/Touch Up


Single session for initial work done at PLS. Keeps color looking perfect for years to come.

Colour Correction/Revision or Removal

Pricing is determined through a consultation.

For work not initially done at PLS. May require multiple sessions.

"Autumn gave me my confidence back!"