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What is Microblading?

Microblading is the OG of eyebrow tattoo techniques and is the most popular treatment out there, especially with us here at Painted Lady Studios. We are the most sought-after studio with the highest quality training in Syracuse, New York.
Unlike other eyebrow tattoo techniques, microblading is carried out using a handheld tool and individual microblade to create individual hair-like strokes.
Microblading is ideal for people who prefer a much more natural, subtle brow look and don’t make a habit of filling them in every day.
The pigment will be applied to the superficial layers of the skin rather than the deeper layers, like traditional body tattoos. Microblading creates softer, feather-like strokes that mimic individual hairs giving the illusion of a softer, more natural look.
We highly recommend a consultation before your treatment as we will need to assess your skin type and skin tone to determine if you are suitable. Unfortunately, microblading is not suitable for those who suffer from oily skin. However, if you suffer from oily skin, you can look at other eyebrow tattoo alternatives, such as ombre/powder or combo brows.

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A $25 consultation is required for all permanent cosmetic procedures. Price is then applied to procedure.

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