Scar Camouflage

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Painted Lady Studios

What is a Scar Camouflage?

Pricing is determined through a consultation.

Get rid of the scars that hold you back with PMU scar camouflage. Our trained and licensed cosmetic tattoo artists use the latest techniques and high-quality pigments to camouflage scars and give you a natural-looking skin appearance. Whether you have scars from surgery, injury or burns, our artists will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that matches your skin tone. The procedure is done in a safe and comfortable environment, and the results can last for several years. Don’t let scars affect your self-esteem, book your appointment today and experience the beauty of scar camouflage.

A $25 consultation is required for all permanent cosmetic procedures. Price is then applied to procedure.

If you would like to see more examples of our work then please head to our gallery page.

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